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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

InterCambio Express takes very seriously its responsibility for complying with the laws and requirements that are made to prevent, detect and report money laundering activities. Our company, its employees, agents and correspondents are committed to detecting and reporting on any suspicious actions (as warranted by our investigation). We carefully look for high risk activity and address it in accordance with the appropriate rules, regulations and laws. This also holds true for Anti-Terrorist financing.

Our systems, process and people are prepared to recognize and deal with suspicious activities. Using strict criteria, we strive identify potential AML and Anti-Terrorist transactions and prevent them for happening.  We also monitor and report on suspicious transactions, large cash transactions and potential terrorist property.  Suspicious activities include, but are not limited to:
  • High frequency and/or high volumes of transactions
  • Transmitting funds to high risk countries
  • Unusual trends in the structure and/or disbursement of transactions
  • Implicit or explicit collusion amongst agents or with agents and correspondents

We have in place a protocol to review the nature and scope of the activities of our agents and customers. We will formally document any investigations and follow up as determined by the outcome of the investigation. When appropriate, we will report suspicious activities and follow up as necessary.
Our Compliance Department is dedicated to educating all InterCambio team members and our Agents on the most current Anti-Money Laundering trends and techniques. From the time an employee joins the company until separation, he or she is trained regularly on how to recognize and how to deal with suspicious activities. Those who are part of the InterCambio team who work higher risk areas of the company receive additional, more comprehensive training.

We want our agents to be fully aware of Anti-Money Laundering and what is required of them should there be any suspicious activities. Agents of InterCambio Express are trained in Anti-Money Laundering before they are able to handle transactions. Likewise, they routinely receive additional education on current issues in AML and how to deal with specific situations. Agents are also monitored to ensure compliance with the policies and practices that address Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist financing practices.

Our company’s Compliance Committee audits all investigations and reports. It also evaluates adherence to policies and procedures. Likewise, InterCambio Express AML-ATF processes are subject to regular evaluation by an independent firm.
We know the importance of monitoring transactions for suspicious activities.  It is consistent with our mission to provide reliable transactions and our Commitment to Quality.