Financial Services
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

We intend to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations every chance we get.  When we are called on to handle a problem or a concern we must choose what we will do and how we will respond.  These four principles are listed in order of importance.  We will use them to help us make the right decisions about our actions.


  • Our customers trust us to handle their financial transactions quickly and correctly time and time again.  Reliability is at the heart of our mission and we do everything we can to make things go right.


  • We know that to win their loyalty, we must meet our customers’ expectations time-after-time.  We have to do our best to make transactions simple, convenient and cost-effective.


  • We believe that growth is important – organizationally, professionally and personally.  We will invest our resources to ensure we can make our commitment to growth a reality.


  • We want to optimize the use of our resources and operate as efficiently as possible.  We will do this as long as it does not hurt the levels of quality and service and prevent profitable growth