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The Company that unites families
Tuesday, March 20, 2018


We at InterCambio Express know how important it is for our customers to remain well communicated by phone with their love ones. Because of that, we also offer the Pinless calls service. This service deliver the actual number of minutes offered, calls do not get disconnected, and the voice quality is the one our customers want to really talk to their loved ones. There are no connection fees, no PIN has to be keyed in; and most importantly, the minutes purchased Never expire. 

Our customers can buy airtime for their mobile, home phones, or both. They will be given an access number; or if they prefer, a direct contact number can be activated, which will be linked to their relatives' phone to forward the call to the latter. Thus, instead of dialing the access number plus the destination number, with this option all they have to do is dial a single number and they're connected. 

It is worth highlighting that the best thing about our products and services is that when using or buying any of them, you have InterCambio Express' backup. We work hard every day to attain the quality and excellence that our customers deserve. That is why we are "The company that unites families”.