About Compliance

We know that you rely on us to get the money you are sending transferred safely. We want you to be confident that your privacy is protected and that your transactions are handled properly and securely. That is why we are committed to operating in strict compliance with all laws and regulations including those for anti-money laundering.

InterCambio Express meets all federal regulatory requirements and those of each state in which we are licensed. We have developed and maintain policies, processes and controls that provide standards of corporate governance and make sure all business practices and activities are done in full compliance with federal and state regulations. As mandated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), InterCambio Express maintains a stringent risk-based anti-money laundering compliance program.

Our employees, as well as those of our agencies and partners, are expected to act with integrity and sense of personal responsibility for our clients’ funds. Employees of InterCambio Express as well as our agencies are expected to participate in business and compliance training and to act according to what they have learned.  We regularly check our agencies to make sure they are operating in ways that our consistent with our policies and practices. We are audited routinely by both licensing bodies and an independent firm to give you the assurance that all we do is consistent with both requirements and standards.

We are proud of our track record for reliability. Our services help improve people’s lives. We want those who use them do so with confidence.

Fraud Statement

InterCambio Express advises the public of an increasing number of fraudulent attempts to utilize customers for the transmission of money.  The scammers will attempt to have the customer send money for a particular purpose or situation that is not genuine.

If you feel you are being utilized in this manner, please ask the employee to immediately cancel the transaction and call our toll free number: 888 534 8441 to report the situation.  If the transaction has not been paid to the beneficiary, the funds will be returned to you.

Also, we recommended that you read our Consumer Protection section, where you will find useful information that may help you avoid becoming a fraud victim.

Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorism Compliance

InterCambio Express takes very seriously its responsibility for complying with the laws and requirements that are made to prevent, detect and report money laundering activities. Our company, its employees, agents and correspondents are committed to detecting and reporting on any suspicious actions (as warranted by our investigation). We carefully look for high risk activity and address it in accordance with the appropriate rules, regulations and laws. This also holds true for Anti-Terrorist financing.

Our systems, process and people are prepared to recognize and deal with suspicious activities. Using strict criteria, we strive identify potential AML and Anti-Terrorist transactions and prevent them for happening.  We also monitor and report on suspicious transactions, large cash transactions and potential terrorist property.  Suspicious activities include, but are not limited to:
  • High frequency and/or high volumes of transactions
  • Transmitting funds to high risk countries
  • Unusual trends in the structure and/or disbursement of transactions
  • Implicit or explicit collusion amongst agents or with agents and correspondents
We have in place a protocol to review the nature and scope of the activities of our agents and customers. We will formally document any investigations and follow up as determined by the outcome of the investigation. When appropriate, we will report suspicious activities and follow up as necessary.
Our Compliance Department is dedicated to educating all InterCambio team members and our Agents on the most current Anti-Money Laundering trends and techniques. From the time an employee joins the company until separation, he or she is trained regularly on how to recognize and how to deal with suspicious activities. Those who are part of the InterCambio team who work higher risk areas of the company receive additional, more comprehensive training.

We want our agents to be fully aware of Anti-Money Laundering and what is required of them should there be any suspicious activities. Agents of InterCambio Express are trained in Anti-Money Laundering before they are able to handle transactions. Likewise, they routinely receive additional education on current issues in AML and how to deal with specific situations. Agents are also monitored to ensure compliance with the policies and practices that address Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist financing practices.

Our company’s Compliance Committee audits all investigations and reports. It also evaluates adherence to policies and procedures. Likewise, InterCambio Express AML-ATF processes are subject to regular evaluation by an independent firm.
We know the importance of monitoring transactions for suspicious activities.  It is consistent with our mission to provide reliable transactions and our Commitment to Quality.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Protecting You and Your Money:  Code of Conduct and Ethics

InterCambio Express is committed to protecting our customers, agents and correspondents including their identity, their funds and other assets. Their confidence in our quality and reliability is essential for our success. That is why we maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Consistent with those standards as well as the company’s Guiding Principles, we are diligent in adhering to defined processes and monitoring our work carefully. As we state in our Commitment to Quality: “We will make every effort to do things right the first time and every time.” This means that we not only want to be error free in our work, but that we will conduct ourselves honestly and with integrity.

Our team members understand the importance of “doing things right” and they have pledged to earn the trust of those with whom they do business. For example, we know that InterCambio Express employees have access to confidential information. That information is considered privileged and should be treated as such.  We maintain the trust of our stakeholders by keeping the strictest confidentiality.

Likewise, InterCambio Express employees must avoid conflicts of interest and are to report to the Company when any such conflict or potential conflict might arise. This includes activities conducted on their own or on behalf of a third party.

InterCambio Express team members recognize the importance of adhering to our standards of conduct. They also understand that failure to adhere to those standards will be addressed.  This may include suspension, or even termination.

Because of the nature of our services, We routinely monitor transactions and take the appropriate steps to carefully examine anything that seems out of the ordinary.

We are required by law to provide details of any violations to it. At the same time, we are not hesitant to report any suspicious activity involving our customers, agents, correspondents or employees to the appropriate governmental agency. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mishandling, misuse or misappropriating any funds or assets
  • Gaining unauthorized access to personal or organizational records
  • Using unauthorized information for personal gain or to create an unfair, and possibly illegal, competitive advantage
  • Falsifying or destroying records or documents
  • Aiding and abetting others in illicit or unlawful acts before, during or after the fact

We believe that our actions speak louder than words. Our track record for professional and ethical behavior is something we are proud of. It is a key to our success.  We have every intention of keeping it that way.

Annual Independent Review

InterCambio Express values the importance of complying with the Bank Secrecy Act requirement regarding monitoring and maintaining an adequate anti money laundering internal program; referred to as an independent review. InterCambio contracts with a qualified outside company to conduct such reviews which are performed routinely and provide an unbiased evaluation.

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