Pay Bills with InterCambio Express!

Pay Bills

Nowadays there are many ways to pay bills – utility bills (water, power, gas) or services (telephone, internet, cable TV, etc.). Bill payment can be done online, over-the-phone, or using a bank account for auto-pay. You can also use a Money Services provider like InterCambio Expres.

We are committed to delivering a personalized service, one with a “human touch.”  Our customers can pay their bills, top-up their cell phones and send money, all in a single visit to an Intercambio Express agency. Intercambio Express Systems make this very convenient and reliable. Our secure customer record program expedites processing for any of thee transactions. This makes InterCambio Express a one-stop-shop for all those services.

We  know that it can be difficult to send money to your loved ones and have them pay for local bills. Your family member will have to pick up money at one location, then head to a different one to make the actual bill payment(s). This is not only time consuming, also can make you pay extra transportation expenses. We can make things easier for you by using our services to help you pay for some of the most popular utility and supplementary services bills in Mexico. These include:

  • CFE
  • SKY

Let us assist you better by not only helping you pay your bills, but allowing us to be the means to help your loved ones.