10 Immediate reactions while your computer is under a Cyber-attack
Feb 2021
Access to remote services has become normal and necessary. For those of us who live immersed in this field, we know the importance of the security and protection of your information.

To give you a little idea of the reactions you should have during an attack (or possible intrusion) we have written the 10 points that you should avoid or minimize in order to control the damage:

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Turn off your computer: If you suspect that someone is tampering with your computer, you should turn off your computer to avoid further intrusion, theft or damage to your computer.


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Disconnect the network cable and/or your wireless access.



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Observe the behavior of your PC. If you observe that: The mouse moves by itself, unauthorized transactions were made, the computer slows down, Pop-Ups appear constantly, your browser freezes. Notify the support technician for a computer check.


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Do not erase or delete anything. Delete files or programs makes Forensic Engineering difficult for the IT staff.



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Check your USB ports, verify that there is NO USB stick connected to your computer or in any other network device in your local network. If you notice something unfamiliar connected to your network, unplug them.


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Check the Alert messages of the Antivirus Software, if you notice any emergency messages, call your Support Technician.



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Analyze that the MS Windows firewall is active. If you do not know how, contact your Support Technician.



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If someone calls you offering Technical Support, hang up.



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If you have already granted remote access (to someone unknown) and you suspect that it is not actually from IT, please dial Technical Support to validate it.



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Call Technical Support: Avoid making any changes yourself on your computer if you do not know the results of your actions.



Keep alert for any unusual behavior on your computer and continue to adapt your life to the digital age.

Source: IT Support Department from InterCambio Express, 2021.