Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a list of our frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to money transfers and other financial services at InterCambio Express. Feel free to contact us if you need more information!
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How do I send money online?

Step 1: Register an account.

Step 2: Decide the amount of  money, where you want it to go, and how you want to send it (debit, cash). With our SuperSend® option, you can increase the exchange rate and send more money to your beneficiaries.

Step 3: Select how your money will be delivered. You have a variety of useful options: you can send money directly to your recipient’s bank account; they can pick up their cash from an ATM (in select countries); they can pick up cash from one of our payer locations; or a courier can deliver cash to your beneficiary (in the Dominican Republic only at this time).

Step 4: Enter your recipient’s information. You will need their first and last name as displayed on their government-issued ID, as well as their email address and phone number.

Step 5: Now you have access to our Quick Resend option. If you are sending money to the same person, select their name and hit “Resend.” Confirm your order details and the money is on the way!

How long does it take to send money?
When receiving money, an ATM pick-up, cash pick-up, or courier delivery, it will be dependent upon the payer agent or courier’s business hours. On average, ATM pickups, cash pick-ups and home deliveries are available within the same day.

Please note: if a money transfer is flagged for review for security reasons, the processing time will take longer.

Other things that may slow down processing times include:
– A security review. Since security is our number one priority, we want to ensure all money transfers are legitimate.
– Financial institutions processing times. Timing may vary slightly depending on your bank.

Where can I send money to?
Our global network includes more than 60,000 payout locations in 19 countries and territories worldwide. We process hundreds of thousands of money transfers each month online, via our InterCambio Express  app and through our authorized agencies locations. For an extensive list of sender and payer locations click here.
What information do I need?
In order to send money, you will need to know your beneficiary’s first and last name as shown on their government-issued ID, their address and phone number. Additionally, you will need to decide how you would like your beneficiary to receive the money. If you decide to deposit money directly into your recipient’s account, you will need his or her bank account and routing number. However, if you choose to have your beneficiary pickup cash, you will need to select a payout location.
How do I know my recipient received their funds?

Throughout the money transfer process, we will notify you via email when any status changes are made to your order — this includes when your recipient receives their funds. From the moment you hit “send” to the moment your recipient picks up the order, we keep you in the loop. You will be aware of what’s happening, as it happens.

Here are some other order status notification emails we send out to alert you of important changes:

  • Available Pickup/Deposit: You will receive an email and a SMS to let you know that your beneficiary is able to pick up his or her funds or once the transfer is ready for bank deposit.
  • Receipt Pickup/Deposit: At the end of your transaction, you will receive the detail receipt. This information is necessary for any claim, for your beneficiary to pick up, or in case of Bank Deposit.
  • Cancellation Request/Cancellation: There are several reasons a transaction may be canceled. If you need to cancel your transfer, make sure you Request the Cancellation. Reasons for cancellations include: a customer requested direct cancellation; incorrect beneficiary name spelling; incorrect account details; or the time limit to pick up the funds has expired.  If your transaction is cancelled for any reason, we will notify you right away.
  • Shopping Cart/Pending Transaction: You have the option to pay at a store (availability applies) or online using a debit card. At the end of the process, hit Shopping Cart and pay for the entire transaction–then you will receive this notification.
  • Claim Initiation/Resolved: There are several reasons to start a Claim. Some of these reasons include: the beneficiary can’t pick up the transaction or the operation is not available. Remember that most of these cases depend on the Bank or Payer response, our goal is that your beneficiary gets the money ASAP.
  • Documents Needed: If your transaction is flagged for review for security or compliance reasons, we will notify you right away. Your security is our #1 priority. It’s possible that we will call you to ask a couple questions so we can process the transaction. You may also need to add some detailed information.  Please note: if this happens, there will be a delay in processing your order until we are able to release the transaction.
  • Transaction Paid: We will send you an email and a SMS to let you know your beneficiary has picked up his or her funds or once the transfer is ready for bank deposit. This email will provide detailed information about transfer. Additionally, you may contact our Customer Service team at   +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.).


How do I unlock my account?

If your account has been locked due to too many incorrect attempts to sign in, please call our Customer Service team at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.) and they will help you unlock your account.

I forgot my password. How can I access my account?
You may access your account by using our password reset feature on the App and website.
Why has my account been locked?

If your account has been locked, it’s likely due to one of the following 2 reasons:

1. There were too many attempts to unsuccessfully sign in and enter the correct account password.

  1. Your account may have been locked for security reasons.

If your account has been locked, please call our Customer Service team at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.). They will help you unlock your account.


How much does it cost to send money online?
Our costs depend only on the rate that you select and the country. SuperSend® will provide you with a better rate, but at a higher transaction fee.

Our exchange rate fees are among the best in the market. We work to get the best deal on each countries’ unique exchange rates.  To calculate the total cost to send money to a specific country, please use our application and test our services.

Are rates the same online as they are in-store?
No. Rates will vary between InterCambio Express and our physical agent locations.
How can I find out the exchange rate for a specific country?
You can find the exchange rate for a specific country by using our application during the “Send Money” process.
How do I send more than $3,000 USD a day?
In order to send more than $3,000 USD in one day, please visit one of our InterCambio Express agent locations. Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to send more than $3,000 USD in one day online. Additionally, the maximum amount accumulated of allowable money transfers per use during any rolling 30 calendar day period is $5,000 USD.


What are InterCambio Express Customer Service hours?
Customer service is available every day between the hours of 08:00 hrs. – 23:00 hrs.

Our customer service team is always ready to help our clients. We will respond to your request promptly between 08:00 hrs. – 23:00 hrs any day of the week. You may reach us by dialing +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.).


What do I do if I have a question, issue or dispute with the site?
Please call our Customer Service team at +1 (833) 444-4833 (toll-free in the U.S.) and we will gladly help you.


What payment methods can I use?
You can safely and securely send money using your debit card or you can pay at one of our InterCambio Express agent locations.
Using your debit card
With your debit card, the funds are usually available immediately. Just enter the name as it appears on the card, the card number, the expiration date and the 3-digit security code on the back of the card.
How do I add or erase a debit card?
To edit a debit card:  Sign in to your account. On the top left  is a menu where you can select  “My Preference”. From there, go to  “My Wallet.” Then you can edit your debit card information. To edit a debit card:  Sign in to your account. On the top left  is a menu where you can select  “My Preference”. From there, go to  “My Wallet.” Then you can edit your debit card information.
How do I send money if I want to pay cash?

For payment method, select “Pay at Store.” You will have one hour to pay at one of our payer locations.

To contact one of our InterCambio Express locations, browse our Locations Search or call us at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S).

Delivery Options

What delivery options are available?
  • Cash pick-up
  • ATM pick-up
  • Bank deposit
  • Home delivery (only available in the Dominican Republic)

Cash pick-up
Your Beneficiary can pick-up cash at one of our more of 70,000 payment locations in more than 21 countries and territories worldwide depending on the payment instructions. We utilize the legal authorized methods to pay remittances in every country where we provide the remittance payment service.

ATM pick-up
Your beneficiary may pick up cash from an ATM with one of our participating payers in select countries. The feature will be available on the “payment selection” screen when you are setting up your money transfer.

Bank deposit
We offer bank deposits to most major banks worldwide. You will just need to know your beneficiary’s bank account number and name (depending on the bank you selected).

Home delivery
We only offer this in the Dominican Republic, where your money can be delivered right to your recipient’s home or office.


How does door-to-door delivery work?
Door-to-door delivery works when sending money online, your beneficiary receives the services in the comfort of their home or office.

Please note: home delivery is not available in every country we serve. This feature will be available on the payment selection screen when you are making up your money transfer.

Scams, Fraud and Security

How can I help prevent consumer fraud?

Unfortunately, scams and consumer fraud happen in the money transfer industry. However, here at InterCambio Express, we take steps to prevent fraud every day. You can help us prevent consumer fraud by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is somebody I met online promising me a personal relationship if I send them money for travel expenses?
  • Am I sending money to receive a lottery prize or a promise of a large payout?
  • Am I sending money to receive merchandise on a website that has promised to send me the goods after they have received money from me?
  • Am I sending money to someone I don’t know or whose identity I can’t verify?

If any of these scenarios pertain to your transfer, please call our Customer Service team immediately at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.) and request to stop your money transfer. If payment has not yet been received, the funds will be returned to you right away.

What should I do if I receive an email from InterCambio Express asking me to open an account?
InterCambio Express will never send you an email requesting you to open an account. If you have received an email asking you to do so, please disregard it immediately–it’s most likely a scam. For more information on consumer fraud, please contact the Federal Trade Commission.
Why was my transfer put in review?
Protecting our customers is our #1 priority. If we detect suspicious activity around a money transfer — and need to verify that it was in fact our customer that made the order — we may place the transfer in review.

Common reasons why money transfers are placed in review include online dating scams, lottery and sweepstakes scams, and grandparent scams — to name a few. Online dating scams occur when you meet someone on the internet, they claim to have fallen for you, and ask you to pay their living expenses or travel fees to pay you a visit. Lottery and sweepstakes scams typically offer the victim great wealth in exchange for paying taxes and other processing fees up front. Grandparent scams occur when you get an unexpected call or email from someone who claims to be your friend or relative and asks you to send money.

We may be required to gather additional information on the money transfer per U.S. or global regulatory compliance. This might add time to the transfer process but we believe it’s worth the effort to protect our customers and meet legal requirements.

Why was my transfer declined?
Because protecting our customers is our #1 priority, we will go the extra mile to confirm that money transfers are in fact made by our customers. If we detect suspicious activity, and are unable to confirm that it was our customer that made the transfer, it may be declined. In addition to suspicious activity, on occasion certain money transfers may not meet internal InterCambio Express policies or may be declined due to U.S. or global regulatory compliance.

Sending and Receiving Money

How can I find out the exchange rate for a specific country?
You can find the exchange rate for a specific country by using our APP. The exchange rate will display during the “Send Money” process.
How may my recipient pick up the money I send them through InterCambio Express?

Your recipient may receive his or her money in one of 4 ways:

  1. Bank deposit (you may deposit money directly into your beneficiary’s bank account).
  2. Cash pick-up (your beneficiary may pick up cash via a payer location).
  3. ATM pick-up (available in select countries).
  4. Home delivery (home or office delivery only available in the Dominican Republic).
Where can I send money from?
As a leading global money transfer company, we offer an extensive network of agents through InterCambio Express at more than 60,000 payer locations in 19 countries and territories worldwide. And this number continues to grow.

You may transfer money at one our locations, through our APP, or online at our InterCambio Express website if you are located within the United States.

For a list of locations, view our location finder. Additionally, you can send money to your beneficiaries online from the U.S. for cash pick-up at one of payer locations, ATM locations, or via home delivery (if you’re in the Dominican Republic).

What information does the beneficiary need to pick up the money?
The beneficiary will need the PIN number provided by the sender in addition to a valid ID to be shown at the payer location. The name on the ID must match that on the money transfer.

Edit, Track or Cancel a Transaction

How do I edit a transaction?

You may edit a transaction by signing into your account and clicking the “Edit” button next to your recipient details, payout method, payment details, or money transfer details.

Please note that once you submit your transaction, edits are limited to requesting a modification or cancellation. Additionally, if your recipient has already received their funds, we will not be able to modify or cancel the transaction.

To request a modification or cancellation, please contact our Customer Service team at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S.) or sign into your account and find the order in your order history. Then click on the “Cancellation Request” button. Our Customer Service team will contact you to verify the request and depending on the request, modifications may be subject to additional review.

How can I receive a refund if the account I used is closed or frozen?
If you used a debit card to fund your money transfer which has since been closed or frozen, we will issue you your refund via check. However, this refund method will only be available as a last resort as we will always first try to issue your refund via the method in which you funded your transaction.

This process may take between 7 and 10 business days.

How do I track the status of my transaction?
You can track the status of your transaction quickly and conveniently using “My Account”. All you need is your money transfer number. Additionally, InterCambio Express will send you emails throughout your money transfer so that you are informed of any important changes or updates.
How do I cancel my money transfer?
For E.E.U.U. regulations, you can cancel your transaction, no matter the reason, for 30 minutes after you make it.
You may cancel your money transfer after this 30 minutes by pulling up your Recent Orders in your account. Simply find the money transfer you would like to cancel and click “Request Cancel.” Our Customer Service team will contact you to verify the request and depending on it, modifications may be subject to additional review.

InterCambio Express will make every effort to accommodate this request. However, we cannot guarantee the cancellation until our local payer partner confirms the money has not yet been paid out to your beneficiary. If the transaction was already completed, and cannot be cancelled, we will show you the status and state where the cancellation cannot be processed.

For more information regarding our cancellation and refund policy, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions page.

If I cancel my money transfer, how long will it take to receive my refund?
If you decide to cancel your money transfer and your recipient has not yet picked up the money, we will get in contact with our correspondent, it may take up to 2 to 10 business days to receive your refund.

Please note: If your order goes under review and/or if bank account verification is required, your order payout may incur additional delays.

You can send up to $900 USD per money transfer, and $3,000 USD per day. However, you must take into consideration the max amount and the limit for the select payer.  Please be advised that the max amount you can send in 30 days is $5,000 USD.

Please note: Oklahoma and Arizona residents are limited to send a max amount of $700 USD per user per calendar day.

Refer a Friend (Reference Program)

How do I refer my friends & family to get "rewards" (credit), applicable on your next money transfer payment*?
You can refer via Email or Social Media, SMS, WhatsApp, after you made a transaction.

  • Email: Enter your email where prompted, then enter your friends’ emails (you can refer multiple friends at a time), write a quick message, and click “Send Email.”
  • Facebook/Inbox: Write a quick personal message and click “Post on Timeline.”
  • WhatsApp: Select the person that you want to share, and click on “Send.”
  • SMS: Select the person that you want to share, and send.
  • Copy Link: You can send the referral program link in any of the ways to share.
How do I make sure I qualiFy for my reward?
You will qualify for a reward if your friend is a new customer who has never registered with InterCambio Express. Once your friend registers and completes his/her first paid money transfer, you will earn a credit on your next transaction.
Ok, I referred my friends, now what? My friend completed their paid money transfer, when will I get my reward?
Once one of your referred friends registers and completes a paid money transfer, we will credit the rewards. Rewards are credited in the next Money Transfer that you make.
How will I receive my reward?
Your reward will credit in the receipt on your next transaction.
Can I refer myself?
No, you may not refer yourself.
How many people can I refer?
You can refer as many people as you like. The more you refer, the more rewards you earn!
I have not received my reward. What can I do?

Make sure your friend’s money transfer was successful and paid to the recipient. Check the email address you used to send your referral and your  junk/spam folders.

If you still can’t find your referral, please contact us at +1-888-534-8441 (toll-free in the U.S) with the following information:

  • The email address you used to refer your friend (your email address).
  • Your friend’s First and Last name and their email address.
  • The order number of your friend’s paid money transfer if available.