At the right time, at the right place
Mar 2019

At the right time, at the right place


MARCH, 2019

Every successful business was born to fill a gap, and although everything started with a university project, InterCambio Express came from a real need to send money in with people that talk Spanish, and at low cost. Twenty years ago, Mr. Isaac Torres was at the right time, at the right place.

In 1999 at Indiana University in South Bend, Mr. Torres presented a fictitious business plan as a requirement to obtain his MBA. As an immigrant, Mr. Torres saw the need of the Latino community to send money to his family, and the presentation of his project was the perfect opportunity to verify the potential of his idea and receive the necessary approval to carry it out.

InterCambio Express

Elkhart, IN



The first challenge was to start a company that not only sent money, but also made life easier for the working population of the Midwest area.

Like any other company, the beginning was very difficult, but with hard work and conviction each goal was achieved. The first years of operations focused on small and medium-sized cities, but over time we were able to cover larger markets to grow to the 34 states that we serve today.


Isaac Torres

CEO, InterCambio Express

“If you enjoy what you do then you doN´T work; IS MORE LIKE you transform things every day with your effort”


Our plans are to continue to diversify geographically in the United States and then Canada, we also want to expand our network of payers to Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, the launch of our mobile application will allow our clients to make their transactions wherever and whenever they want.

In April of this year we celebrated our 20th anniversary, and we are proud to continue contributing and making life easier for our community, because for us sending money to your loved ones is not just a transaction, it is a commitment.