Back to school with a pandemic
Aug 2020
This year going back to school is more than a challenge; a challenge for all of us: parents, students and teachers

Over the years we have taught children that school is a safe place to be; a place where they will learn and have fun, but this year, due to the pandemic, the circumstances have changed a lot.

It is very important to speak clearly to our children and educate them at home before they come back to class. Here are some tips:

InterCambio Express with a pandemic

Information: Keeping our children aware of the situation is vital for them to feel safe. Talk with them about the virus, how it is spread, how to avoid it, what to do if you feel bad. The clearer the message, the better for them.

Teaching: Although it may seem very basic and logical, let’s show them at home how to wash their hands well, how to use antibacterial gel, how to cough or sneeze covering their faces and how to keep the necessary distance.

Support: Our kids, like us, are facing a lot of stress. It is necessary to establish an environment in which they feel comfortable expressing their feelings. What we as parents can do is listen to them, make them feel safe and stimulate them by creating routines related to school at home.

infographic COVID

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