Christmas is coming!
Dec 2020
Christmas is coming and we all want to have the perfect gift for the people we love, even if it means competing with Santa himself or the Three Wise Men.

Christmas and money transfer


We know that you want to break the record with the most gifts under the tree and that you try to express everything you feel when you make your money transfer, therefore, at InterCambio Express, we continue to work so that you can make your desires and those of your family come true in this holiday season.


Christmas and Money Transfer Thanks to your effort, this year remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean reached the record of 70,400 mdd, 6.0% above last year1. It is important to note that, even with the Covid-19 crisis, families find a way to help each other the most by sending and receiving money, and this holiday season will be no different!

At InterCambio Express we know that your money transfer shows how much you care and think about your family. We are here to support you so that you can make your money transfers to Mexico, Central, South America, the Caribbean and Spain, and let your money transfer speak for you!


Happy holidays and Happy New Year!