Dad, happy day!
Jun 2019

Dad, Happy day!


JUNE, 2019


On the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries; and we at InterCambio Express want to recognize the efforts of all Father’s.

Raising, educating and developing children is an arduous task, and if you do it at a distance, even more so. These remote fathers, despite the distance and difficulties of being away from their families, have been present in the lives of their children. At InterCambio Express, we know first-hand how much the fathers that use our services work; all to give their children a better quality of life.

Let’s celebrate our fathers! Let’s make them feel how much we value and appreciate their efforts; Let’s show them how much we love them.

InterCambio Express has 20 years helping fathers and making their lives easier, and today more than ever we want them to feel our support and congratulations.