Day of the Dead in USA
Oct 2022
Latinos in the United States celebrate the lives of the ones they loved, during the Day of the Dead with flowers, food, candles and music on November 1st and 2nd.

The Day of the Dead was emanated from Mexico and has spread to Latin America such as Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and other countries. This celebration includes placing an altar at home or grave of the departed.


Día de Muertos en USA


The altar includes photographs, significant belongings and favourite beverages or food. As well as Cempasúchil blossoms are placed, which supposed to attract the souls of the dead.


Millions of Latin american families in the United States still preserve these traditions. Usually with caravas or parades in cities with wide Latino congregations.



Flor de cempasuchil

Numerous of them place ofrendas in their homes, hold parades, small gatherings or paint their faces as catrinas. The main festivities are in California, Chicago, Texas and Florida.

Flor de cempasuchil



Latinos in the United States celebrate this date in distinct ways, these are some of them:


Mexican Catrinas navigating the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Dia de Muertos en River Walk

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Dallas Day of the Dead Parade.

Día de Muertos en Dallas

Acosta, Z. (2019, 24 junio). Dallas organizará su primer desfile masivo del «Día de los Muertos» este otoño.


Annual Altar Festival in San Francisco.

Festival Anual de Altares en San Francisco

Gotsill, G. (2020, 28 octubre). Día de los Muertos: el Festival de los Altares de San Francisco para reunir a la comunidad virtualmente. Local News Matters.


Calaveras Procession in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Calaveras en Florida

Agencia EFE. (2018, 28 octubre). Así calienta el colorido Día de los Muertos en el sur de Florida.


Exhibit dedicated to the Day of the Dead at Harvard’s Peabody Museum.

Día de Muertos en el Museo Peabody de Harvard

R. Medina, A. & L. Riskin-Kutz, O. (2018, 2 noviembre). Harvard Affiliates Munch on «Bread of the Dead» at Peabody Museum Día de los Muertos Party.


Offerings in the homes of Latino families.

Ofrendas en casas de latinos

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The Day of the Dead is a festival of color and joy that celebrates the lives of those who are no longer with us.



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