Sep 2021
The greatness of the United States has been built with the collaboration of both locals and foreigners who have made this country their nation. A large part of this greatness has been and continues to be built by Hispanics.

We celebrate, fight and recognize the people who in their different roles promote the growth of this nation, such as sales people, gardeners, policeman, builders, teachers, analysts, farmers, translators, nurses, cashiers, fishermen, drivers, caregivers, electricians, firefighters, chefs, engineers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.


Hispanic Power 2We believe in the power of each one of us and in what we can demonstrate and contribute day by day, because to be Hispanic is to feel proud of your flag, it is to have the fortune of growing up with a big family, to have amazing parties, to speak a language derived from Latin, to use your grandmother’s remedies to reduce some pain, to have an amulet, to be solidary and humane in catastrophic moments,



Poder hispano 2to have an infinity of customs and traditions, taste delicious typical food, to wear typical clothes with bright colors, have one of the most beautiful flags in the world, have a popular culture and folkloric music, go to street celebrations, enjoy a favorite market, appreciate effusive friendly greetings such as the typical handshake, hugs or kisses on the cheek (until before the pandemic), usually talk too much and without shame, express what we speak with our bodies, enjoy traditions holidays in all the year, converse and alternate words in Spanish and English in the same sentence. But above all for us the most important thing is FAMILY, it is our strength and courage to move on.



We may be far away from our blood family, but without a doubt ALL HISPANICS ARE THE HUGE FAMILY THAT LIVES IN THE UNITED STATES.


Poder hispano

This Hispanic Heritage Month we invite you to participate and support the Hispanic community. Shop at store, help a friend, eat Latin food, promote resources and send money to your family and friends in Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean.


Because Hispanics together, we are stronger.