Jan 2021
We don't know the effects COVID-19 left on many people's lives, but we recognize that it made us turn around and see each other. This allowed us to realize how we are transcending the lives of those around us and fill ourselves with hope in the year we are beginning.

We are proud of the health, cleanliness, trade, research staff… without which to succeed would not be possible. It is a fact that we have not won this battle yet, but we are sure that we are close to concluding it and the path will be easier by reinforcing hygiene measures and healthy distance. Let’s not let our guard down!

Hope 1

This 2021 you are the hope, the strength of those around you, despite the circumstances you continue to strive. It is for you that we continue to work, knowing that we have extraordinary people who strive and work daily to succeed and support their families in Mexico, Central and South America.

Of course, we have undergone many changes in recent months, and no one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow, but what we are sure of is that we will be able to deal with anything unexpected that comes before us in the future.

To those who were unfortunately hit by the disease we wish them prompt recovery and a solidarity embrace of their families.

We wish each of you that your days will be filled with hope, health, and joy.  Let us remember with respect the past, but let us celebrate the future and the years of history that remain to be shared. Let’s face it with confidence and strength in 2021!