Mom gives love all the time
May 2021
Every year on this date we find the same clichés around mom, but let's stop for a minute to think only about her, to remember her actions and affection.

Mom was the first person we met when we arrived in the world, who gave us the first food, the first consolations, whom we turned to on sad afternoons and stormy nights.

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She did everything in her power for us, so that we could have a better future and a better life, although perhaps erring a bit with the implementation of some punishments (understand the typical “flip-flop”), but all for our future benefit.


Mothers Day 5She is aware of the day that we set out in search of a new horizon and she is counting the days when we will see each other again; some days the years weigh more on her than others and in each of them we continue in her mind. Take the opportunity to tell her how much you love her and appreciate her!

Mom sends love even at a distance, whether by phone call, by direct message, by video call, through social networks or even by postal mail, she is always present in our life no matter how old we are. Do not stop remembering her and show her your love in return.

It may also be a cliché, but you can be sure that the most valuable thing for a mother is love.


At InterCambio Express we celebrate all moms and wish them a great day, and no matter what country or city they are in, we celebrate and recognize them.

Congratulations mom!