My Dad rules!
Jun 2021
If you are a working dad, we want to remind you that you fulfill a very important task, since you are an important part of your family´s support and a fundamental element to keep your beloved ones united.

Today we want to give special recognition to all the men who day by day long for the well-being of their children.


Father and baby


In general, women are the ones who take care over tasks such as taking care of their children. Moms have dedicated their lives for raising their children while fathers have dedicated themselves to other needs and tasks. However, over time, this situation has changed.

Men are now even more involved ins raising their children. Now they are the ones who provide financial support to their family, and they are also directly involved in the need and requirements of their beloved ones, forming healthier and more united families.



A father is someone who supports you when you cry, who scolds you when you break the rules, who glows with pride when you are successful, and has faith in you, whatever it takes.

Congratulations all fathers!

Fathers Day