Now is your turn!
May 2022
From the time we are born, we repay mom's love through kisses, drawings, school dances, soup necklaces or songs. But it is not until adult life where we have the opportunity to do it differently. Is our turn.


Throughout history, society has made us idealize the role of women as mothers, mostly projecting happy aspects. But being a mother is not only creating life, it is forming it, educating it, providing it, directing it and supporting it while taking care of oneself and sometimes of more children or family members.


It is to be on the lookout even if there is a sea or a country away. Because mom remembers the day we left in search of a new horizon and counts the days until we see each other again.


Some days the years weigh more than others, be sure to tell her how much you love her and how much you appreciate her. Do not stop contributing your grain of sand for their well-being either through photos, calls, videos, money transfers or paying for their services. Any detail that makes her feel your support and that you continue to be very close to her.



Because despite time and distance, their love remains strong.


Now is your turn! Take care of her, as she has done for you.



At InterCambio Express we congratulate all mothers, no matter what country or city they are in, we celebrate and recognize them.



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