Send your remittances!


JUNE, 2020



2020 is a difficult and challenging year, which is why as always we want to recognize and support all immigrant workers who send their remittances to their families.

Covid-19 has affected all economic sectors, and while in some countries the reception of remittances has decreased, in other countries such as Mexico it has increased. The important thing to note in this situation is that even in the most difficult conditions, families are managing to send and receive money.

It is our job as money transfer service providers to keep our operations active, so throughout the time of the pandemic we have continued to work with agencies that remain open. Our way to help in the face of this global crisis is to provide the best service and options to our clients and collaborators.

On June 16, we celebrate International Family Remittance Day and it is our duty to support the invaluable help that money transfers to millions of families around the world represent.