The fight that united us
Sep 2022
In September we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, but also something we share as Latinos: World Wrestling Day.

21 de septiembre, Día Mundial de la Lucha Libre.

La lucha que nos une

Wrestling has become part of Mexican folklore and of our lives.

those enigmatic wrestlers who filled us with laughter, anger or even tears. Great wrestlers such as: El Santo, Blue Demon, Rayo de Jalisco, Tinieblas, El perro Aguayo, among others.


Dia mundial de la lucha libre

Who didn’t make a cardboard or paper mask, or a cape of plastic bags? Who didn’t jump from the bed headboard pretending to be El Santo? “arte del pancracio” such as the Tirabuzón, the desnucadora, the Cavernaria, the double Nelson, the hurracarrana, the quebradora or the martinete?


Dia mundial de la lucha libre


Wrestling is the art that has the ability to reunite entire families and have a good time, forgetting everything for a moment and give a long, loud, scream expressing excitement supporting to wrestlers depending on the dynamics of the moment.


Wrestling has reached a prominent place worldwide thanks to the effort and dedication of Mexican


Lucha libre



just as our favorite wrestlers leave their soul at the ring, you do it day by day to be able to send your money transfers safely and quickly.


Envíos de dinero

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