We are far apart, but together
Jun 2022
International Family Remittances Day  


Remittances are that little bit of us that we give in money in order to help our families, we always wish it was more or to be able to deliver it in person, with a big strong hug, one of those that gives warmth to the soul.


Remesas Familiares


Regardless of the distance we are somehow close to them, with our help they can complete the morning coffee, mom’s medicine or the dinner roll.


Family Remittance

SOURCE: Official United Nations website un.org



Today, International Family Remittance Day, remember that your family appreciates the effort that you make every day in order to help them.



We know how important this is for all of us , that’s why Intercambio Express Family wants to be the intermediary so that despite being far away you can be together.


At Intercambio Express we take care of your money so that it reaches your loved ones safely.

Día de las remesas


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