What if I apply for a loan?
Feb 2022
A personal loan is a way normally sought to resolve personal or family situations that unexpectedly arise.

These solutions can be found in banks and financial companies, but if you are looking for a personal treatment and more accessible requirements for you, it is possible that financial services companies that you already know, are an easier option for you.


Necesito un prestamo



Personal loans can help you at times when your monthly income is not enough to get ahead, because they are unexpected things, as happen to all of us, sometimes.


Fixing your car, medical services or helping a relative or family, are some of the most common reasons for requesting a personal loan. However, taking a trip, go on vacation or acquiring a good or device for your home, are also frequent purposes for the use of these loans.


It is important that, when requesting a loan, you review your family finances and see how much you really need, how much you can pay per month and how long you would like to contract this loan. It is important for you to make sure that the monthly payments that you will do, are convenient and that you can pay them without problems, with your regular income.


PréstamosWhen a loan is authorized, banks and finance companies normally review your documents, your income level and your payment history with other debts you have had before.

Similarly, once you have your loan, the way you pay it will be recorded in your credit history, reflecting the way you usually pay and building your credit references and your score. This is what some people know as “building credit.”



A good credit history helps you to later have access to other loans and financial services, which can be even larger amounts and can help you with family projects that are important for your well-being and that of your loved ones.



Whenever you have in mind to take a personal loan, you can count on InterLoans, where we understand your plans and needs and we can gladly assist you, hoping that you find the solution you require.





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