Fraud is where you least expect it
Mar 2021
No one would want to lose money in any way, however fraud may be where you least expect it, so it is very important to be alert and take note of how to prevent it.

Here you can find out the most common types of frauds in addition to some recommendations to avoid them. Don’t forget to share this information with your loved ones. Take care of your money!


A stranger contacts the victim and regularly becomes a close relative who points out that he is going through problems (economic, personal, difficult situations) and needs his urgent help, requesting some money transfer.

If you receive a call with these features follow these simple steps:

  • Do not provide unnecessary data such as personal data of your own or family names.
  • Hang up and confirm the information with your family member by some alternative means.
  • Please note that any money transfer should not be taken lightly.


Older adults have generated savings throughout their lives, thus becomes potential victims for fraudsters, as they usually approach them by gaining their trust and subsequently defrauding them by misuse of their information and personal property.

There are different types of fraud, however, this particular scheme can help your family members take the necessary steps to avoid it, so do not hesitate and discuss them following these tips:

  • Remind them not to feel pressured by someone to make an immediate decision.
  • Don’t let them make transfers to newly known people without first talking about it.
  • The best answer is to hang up the phone and analyze the information I provide before acting.


There are people who create fake profiles or pages offering products, services or rent of real estate through the internet, who take advantage of the circumstance by accepting transfers or deposits of their victims and then disappear without any trace.


Therefore, when it comes to some article or online, it is important to take into account the following recommendations:

  • Search for well-known and reputable websites.
  • Find and review the privacy and returns policy of the company that offers the product or service.
  • Give only the necessary personal data and do it securely.

And remember: if you have a similar situation, contact us, we will try to support you as much as possible.



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